Baby Brinker's Sprinkle! 05/06/18

What an eventful Sunday afternoon celebrating with Melody, Bill, and soon to be big sister Kaelyn for baby Brinker’s Sprinkle at the Event Center at Shepherd Hills Golf Club.

Guest loved the hanging umbrella’s, rubber ducks, and baby boy balloon decor around the ballroom.
A little bit of pin spotting helped make the umbrellas and raindrops really stand out!

The kids were super excited when Elsa showed up to play some games with them! They enjoyed coloring, bag toss, and making bubbles with Elsa.

The adults had fun games of there own to play! Baby item bingo was a big hit, followed by price is right. Then the Men tried to see who can drink out of a baby bottle the fastest! Then there were some fun couples activities. The first game, couples had to try to melt out a baby pacifier out of a cube of ice. Then it was time for baby, where the women had to feed the men applesauce with a blind fold through custom cut outs!

Bill and Melody shared a dance to their wedding song with the entire party. Elsa then performed her greatest and sang along with the kids! Everyone enjoyed stopping by the Rockin Photobooth for pictures!

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