Katie Thanks Rockin' Ramaley Years after Wedding!

We love when we get messages from our brides after their big day thanking us for an amazing celebration! 
This celebration took place back in 2010 and guests still have wonderful memories of the celebration! Here is what she wrote! 

Hi there!
I just felt the need to let you all know that it has been almost 8 years since my wedding (8/7/10),
and after countless friends and family members have gotten married, Rockin’ Ramaley is STILL the best DJ we have come across.
My friends still talk about how fun our wedding was, and what great songs were played.
Being able to read the crowd, and knowing when to play the oldies vs. the newer stuff is a skill, and you all have excelled.
Just wanted to say thanks again for such great memories. 

"Kevin was instrumental in our ceremony and reception. He played all the entrance songs smoothly and kept the party going all night. He directed us through the many things that had to be done and kept all of our guests excited and partying. Very smooth and organized."

Daniel & Jillian Cabrera

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