Meghan's Sweet 16! 08/10/2018

It was a great start to the weekend celebrating with Meghan for her sweet 16 at Fegley’s Allentown Brew Works! 
Family and friends enjoyed walking in to the Hamilton room, which was decorated with fun white center pieces.

Dinner was buffet style so the kids can grab and go through out the night. For dessert, there was a chocolate fondue fountain, and fun cake pops for everyone to enjoy. A personalized cake was created by a family retaliative.

DJ Kevin with Rockin’ Ramaley got the kids moving on the dance floor though out the night, will all request music and fun lighting. Glow sticks, and LED foam sticks were handed out to brighten up the party later in the night. 

Rockin’ Photobooth was a huge hit with friends and family getting super fun photos all night! 


"You don't just get a DJ, you get a wedding planner too! Rockin' Ramaley helped us with everything; lights, music, ceremony, etc. He has many helpful recommendations for photographers, caterers and such. He know's all the in's and out's of the wedding business! Rockin' Ramaley did an amazing job from start to finish. I'm a person who can't make decisions, and he made everything very easy for me. It made my wedding planning experience much Less stressful!"

Liz and Chuck Cosenza

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