Forks Township Fire Department’s Holiday Party at the Loft at Sawmill on 12-9-2023!

The heart of any great party lies in its attendees, and the Forks Township Fire Department’s Christmas Party was no exception. We had the pleasure of rockin’ it out with an enthusiastic crowd that brought energy and excitement to The Loft at Sawmill. The combination of great music, lively guests, and the festive setting made for a celebration that lasted all night long.

In addition to providing the musical backdrop for the evening, we also had the privilege of offering guests a photobooth experience. The photobooth became a hub of laughter and creativity for all. What stands out most in their snapshots, though, are a few particular photos.

Notice anything different about the pictures below? You’re not seeing things, that is a cardboard cutout of one of the officers! This officer is deployed right now, and as an incredibly kind hearted gesture, the guests decided to bring his cardboard cutout and include him in the photobooth fun! We were honored to be able to capture these memories for him while he is away fighting for our country.

As always, it was a pleasure partying with Forks Fire Department, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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