Iron Menace Media Day on 4-17-2024!

On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Team Rockin’ had the pleasure of attending Dorney Park’s media day for their new roller coaster: Iron Menace!

Iron Menace is the first coaster of its kind in the Northeast. With a 95-degree drop, a three-second hold, and a tilted loop, this “dive” coaster is sure to thrill even the most daring of amusement park enthusiasts.

Iron Menace is also Dorney Park’s first story-driven ride, with an interesting backstory! The fictional steel baron Hiram S. McTavish had his sights set on dominating the steel industry by opening McTavish Steel Mill. He managed to build a massive rail transporter that he named “Iron Menace.” After a long history of mistreating his workers, he mysteriously vanished, leaving his steel mill and rail transporter to rust.

A first for Dorney Park (and the Northeast as a whole!) means a HUGE celebration for media day! Several media outlets and groups came out to the park to experience this historic ride, including The National Museum of Industrial History! This incredible organization brought along their Bethlehem Steel fire truck, metal melting demonstration, and tow tractor. Team Rockin’ loved to experience these connections between the new coaster and our own Lehigh Valley history!

The cherry on top of the whole day? LOTS of fun selfie stand pictures! Guests loved taking silly snapshots and groovy boomerangs, all of which were complete with an Iron Menace graphic.

Overall, this roller coaster is more than just a thrill ride: it’s a fast journey through history and a reminder of the indomitable spirit that fills our own Lehigh Valley steel mills. Be sure to stop by Dorney Park this summer and experience this roller coaster that is truly like no other!

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