LED Dance Floor AMPED UP! 9-12-20

Our LED Dance Floor has entertained THOUSANDS of guests! Never before had we been asked to level our LED light up floor with the ground to create the MOST AMAZING tented wedding we have ever seen.

The Rockin’ Team of Kevin, Kevin, Johnny V, Brandy, and Kat all took part in making the wedding of Tannar and Luke light up like no other event before!

Starting with excavation, ground leveling, and trenching for electrical, our work started many days ahead of the big event. Huge shout up Duck Matsago and Greg Urban for Perfect excavating and leveling!  Test, test, and re-testing of the actual floor panels was key to making sure that the floor lit up as planned.

Are you thinking about an LED Dance Floor? You do not need to dig into the ground to have an amazing set up. Our floor can be placed outside, inside, made into different shape configurations, and more. Allow us to match your needs and the look of your party to what our LED Dance Floor can do.

Add in our DJ Entertainment, Lighting, Selfie Circle, and more for the ultimate celebration package!

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