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Mackey Photo and Video for weddings and special events. Based in Stroudsburg, PA, including the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia PA. Pete and his staff have a goal to capture the passion of life, love, and laughter to create and provide timeless photos.

At Rockin Ramaley, We met this amazing photographer with the love for storytelling, artistic expression, and taking powerful pictures at the right moment. Pete’s personality feels like we have known each other for a lifetime. His creative eye and artistic abilities are unparalleled as shown in his photos. Has a keen sense of detail and creative angles. Don’t even notice him taking off-guard photos in the background of an event to capture that raw and natural moment. Funny photos mixed with serious and romantic ones. As shown in the photos of a wedding we attended together at Woodstone Country Club. Not only did he call out directions for poses for the guest, the bride, and the groom, but he also set up moments for perfect candid shots that truly captured the emotions of the wedding celebration.

Pete is amazing! Super dependable and reliable. Pete Mackey is a special type of photographer. Capturing the moment and the uniqueness of the day helps embrace the experience with smiles and laughter.

Truly can’t explain the pleasure it has been to have met Pete. I appreciate all he does in his line of work and can’t wait to work with you again!

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