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Rockin’ Ramaley covers the Eastern half of Pennsylvania, all of New Jersey, Northern parts of Maryland and Delaware and Southern parts of New York. Occasions outside of this coverage area please contact us for availability.
We are proud to offer multiple DJ/MC teams at Rockin’ Ramaley. We understand it is important to our customers to know who will be the DJ/MC team at their event. We want you to be comfortable and confident in your assigned team. Prior to booking Rockin Ramaley as your entertainment company, you will have an opportunity to meet your MC. This ensures your expectations are met before you make a commitment. Just another way we provide you with a peace of mind that your event will run smoothly.
Rockin’ Ramaley rates are based upon our proficiency, knowledge, adaptability and our reliability. Rockin’ Ramaley direct competitors are professionals’ whose rates, service, talent and experience are similar to ours but do vary. There are numerous levels of talent and price that often is a reflection of these differences. Simply stated, “You get what you pay for.” Rockin’ Ramaley offers packages that are very competitive for charities, not-for-profit organizations and frequent customers. When you choose Rockin’ Ramaley for your special occasion you not only get a professional disc jockey and bridal assistant you are getting dependability, professionalism, personal attention and most important Peace-of-Mind.
Rockin’ Ramaley requires a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. Deposit amounts vary depending on your occasion. Deposits must be made at time of contract signing. Both parties will receive a copy of the contract and deposit receipt. Rockin’ Ramaley accepts checks, money orders, cash and credit cards for deposits.
Rockin’ Ramaley will work with you to customize your payment options for your event. Rockin’ Ramaley does require your occasion to be paid in full prior to your event.
Rockin’ Ramaley prices include all Federal, State and Local taxes. The price provided on your signed contract is the total due. No extra costs will be added unless you choose to extend your occasion past the contracted time. In this case, your extended time cost will already be written on your contract and must be paid prior to your occasion continuing.
Rockin’ Ramaley accepts checks, money orders, cash and credit cards for booking and final payment of your event. All bookings should be done well in advance to guarantee availability for your event. All checks and money orders are to be made payable to Rockin’ Ramaley.
Rockin’ Ramaley requires your final payment to be received one month prior to any event.
Yes. All services of Rockin’ Ramaley are provided in your package.
Your event details are finalized 1 to 2 weeks prior to your occasion. This date is determined by you 3 months prior to your occasion. Rockin’ Ramaley highly recommends for weddings that both the bride and groom attend your final meeting. Your final meeting will be to finalize and review every detail of your occasion, including expectations, music, pronunciations of names, time-line of events, other vendor and contacts and any specific dedications or instructions.
Your Disc Jockey and Bridal Assistants attire are chosen by you. You can choose from a Tuxedo, Company Polo Shirt & Jeans, Shirt & Tie, Company Polo Shirt & Shorts, Company Polo Shirt & Dress Pants, or a Theme.
Rockin’ Ramaley provides music selections for all tastes. Music being offered is Big Band, Cocktail Music, Contemporary, Country, Disco, Easy Listening, Jazz, Latin, Italian, Oldies, Polkas, Rap, Rock, Top 40 / Dance, and Waltz. We will always try to obtain your music requests. In the unlikely event that Rockin’ Ramaley is unable to find your request, we will always be glad to play your music media.
Rockin’ Ramaley music being played is FCC regulated and played on all local radio stations. You, as our customer, have the final say of what music is appropriate for your event. Rockin’ Ramaley DJs have the ability to read your guests and know what is appropriate and what should not be played at certain occasions. Your DJ will review your music selections with you before your event, and clarify your guests ability to request music.
Rockin’ Ramaley helps you pick and choose the variety of music to play during your occasion. Keeping your guests energy level high depends on a lot of variables including the selection of music, the creativity of the mix, and your DJs personality and skills. Rockin’ Ramaley offers customers a comprehensive list of songs to play as well as specialty dances that may make your event have continuous energy. You may even provide our DJs with your own personal media. Your occasion is customized to your desires and has endless possibilities!
When planning your occasion with Rockin’ Ramaley you will have the opportunity to choose your music formats for your entire occasion as well as specific songs to be played.
Rockin’ Ramaley music library consists of over 20,000 songs and growing daily. Rockin’ Ramaley will do everything possible to obtain your requested song. If Rockin’ Ramaley is unable to locate your song due to Artist or song Title error we will ask you for a copy of the song. If we are getting a copy of the song you want from you, we ask that you provide us with your music media before your occasion so that our staff can check your music media for quality.
One of your greatest concerns should be the type of sound system utilized and its placement at your event. Many of the locations used for social events present unique acoustical situations. Positioning equipment improperly will result in an unpleasant atmosphere for a section of your guests. This is not the case with Rockin’ Ramaley. Rockin’ Ramaley balances the acoustics and sets the volume ensuring the sound is evenly dispersed throughout the hall. Rockin’ Ramaley will make sure that your guests can hear both themselves speaking and the background music. During open dancing the volume will be adjusted accordingly. Rockin’ Ramaley equipment and speakers will be positioned in a manner for optimal equalization of your music, guest comfort and your guest seating arrangements.
Rockin’ Ramaley DJs and Bridal Assistants are as interactive as you want them to be. It all depends on your occasion and what you request of your DJ and Bridal Assistant. Rockin’ Ramaley staff are professional entertainers with the professionalism to energize your crowd without dated and sometimes tacky antics. Your DJ and Bridal Assistant will never be yelling or singing into the microphone. Our staff will use their skills, knowledge and professionalism to never steal your spotlight.
Rockin’ Ramaley provides system backup components for each of the major equipment pieces responsible for proper sound projection. In regards to music we carry a total of 6 CD players and a computer based library of music. We also carry 5 wireless microphones. Rockin’ Ramaley carries 3 mixing boards in the unlikely event one would stop working. Rockin’ Ramaley will have an amount of equipment on-hand to ensure the music keeps going. Rockin’ Ramaley staff is highly trained, qualified and knowledgeable of the workings of their equipment. If something does fail, it can be easily fixed or switched without you and your guests even knowing.
Rockin’ Ramaley may provide generator backup in case of electric loss. Generator backup must be in writing and part of the customers contract prior to the event. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to find out if a generator is permitted at the place of their occasion.
Rockin’ Ramaley plays music continuously throughout your occasion. From time to time your DJ or Bridal Assistant may be away from the DJ area. If your DJ or Bridal Assistant has to take a small break to use the restroom or get a glass of water, their being away from the DJ area does not mean the music stops. Once your event starts Rockin’ Ramaley staff are interwoven into the flow and time line for your occasion.
We do not advertise at weddings and other formal occasions. If your event is any other occasion we may use a table skirt with our name displayed. If you wish for Rockin’ Ramaley to use a white formal table skirt please let us know. We are here to satisfy you and make your day memorable.
Rockin’ Ramaley is fully insured and can provide necessary credentials to your reception or catering hall.


"The photobooth was a huge hit at our wedding!! All the guest loved it and enjoyed the print size we picked out! Even a week after our wedding I was still being told on how much fun it was!! I highly suggest the photobooth for any occasion if you are looking to add something new and fun to a party!! Can't wait for the next time that I'll get to use them! Honestly go to Rockin Photobooth for photo fun!! Rockin Ramaley is the place to use for DJ, photobooth or cigars they will be sure to make your night/party AMAZING in every way! They have your best at heart!! Autumn and Jared Masonheimer"

Jared and Autumn Masonheimer

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