Nazareth Farmers’ Market, 5-16-2020

Rockin’ Together, Episode 7, took to the Nazareth Farmers’ Market!!

Watch our Facebook Live broadcast at:

Like Easton’s market, Nazareth has an INCREDIBLE history dating back to the Moravian settlers of 1740. While records show there was a vendor market in operation until 1857, it was not until 2010 that the Farmers’ Market was revived. AND GOODNESS, it is AWESOME!

With a total of 21 registered vendors, you will find what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, keep your family on the best diet, beautiful your home with flowers, and even come home with a treat for Fido!

For the most up-to-date information, vendors, and hours, check out these Nazareth Farmers’ Market resources:

Thank you to these AMAZING vendors for allowing us to film with you:

Chartier Farms

Eve’s Angles

Peanut Butter & More

Stehly’s Bakery

Pampered Paws

Healthy Delight Oils

Old Well Farm

Fairfield Farm

Skips Cheese

Windfield Farm

Mattie’s Strudel

Clear Spring Farm

Sweets N Savories

Graver Farmstead

Baarda Farms

Camp Cake

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