Nicole & Bill’s Wedding on 10-7-2023!

When love intertwines with shimmering lights and heartfelt moments, that’s when the magic happens! On Nicole and Bill’s special day, every detail sparkled with elegance and charm.

Their venue, Olde Homestead, truly set the stage for a night to remember. The barn glowed with the warm hues of their custom neon sign and was a sight to behold for all!

The tables were adorned with floral centerpieces, crafted with precision and care by Kraft & Co. Floral  Design. Each bloom flourished in the bistro lighting.

And we cannot forget to mention the open air Rockin’ Photobooth. From silly props to heartfelt embraces, each photo strip captured a moment of pure happiness, immortalized in a beautiful scrapbook.

But amidst all of the evening’s charm, it was Nicole and Bill’s love that truly stole the show. Their love radiated warmth and sincerity, transcending time and space. As they took the floor for their first dance, surrounded by all the ones they hold dear, it was clear to all that this is the beginning of a beautiful journey.

It’s thanks to the talent and skill of Lovestruck Pictures that the memories of this special evening will be cherished forever. From the tender exchange of vows to stolen glances, these expertly captured snapshots are mementos to look back on for a lifetime.

To Nicole and Bill – may your love continue to shine as brightly as that stunning neon sign! Thank you for allowing us to partake in your love story.

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