Reach For the Sky at Skytop Lodge

Since 1928, it’s been Skytop’s nature to make everyone feel like family. You’re transported to a more dignified time. 5,500 acres of tradition, Skytop Lodge offers resort activities, special events, and superb dining. Outdoor ceremony sites include The Evergreen Garden, The Formal Garden, and The South Porch. Evergreen Garden and The Formal Garden can accommodate up to 300 guests. Has lush greenery and a beautiful garden setting. The South Porch can accommodate up to 250 guests. Breathtaking views with 1920s elegance and charm to it. The reception is held at The Evergreen Ballroom, decorated with magnificent crystal chandeliers and French doors leading to the gardens. That is just the minimum of what Skytop offers. From beer festivals, wine dinners, murder mystery parties, & Outdoor activities for every season. Skytop Lodge offers a variety of dining options to please everybody.

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