Sparkle & LED Dance Floors

Want something eye-catching at your event that will make your guest believe they’re dancing on a rainbow or on top of the stars? Amaze your guest and create an animated party atmosphere with our LED & Sparkly Dance Floors. The LED dance floors are moving lights that are powered with bright, powerful LED’s that glow brilliantly, spreading even lighting. Infinite possibilities of amazing shapes of a rectangle or a square, colors, and moods. Our dance floors are perfect for keeping people dancing and entertained. Great for 80’s themed parties, weddings, corporate events, and any kind of party! Our newest feature is the twinkly & sparkly LED Dancefloor. It’s white, It’s Sparkles, and it’s an experience to dance to the stars. The beautiful white starlit dancefloor will flash and sparkle to the music, adding energy, sophistication, and ambiance. LED dance floors are of the highest standard. Use the LED dancefloor as a runway for an airplane event or even drive a car on it! Light the night away in style with our Sparkle LED dancefloors.

Some featured photos were taken by Adam Finger Photography 

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