Rockin’ Together, Military Truck 5-22-2020

Bringing The Party To You, 5-22-2020

WHAT IS THIS!?! Reinventing the Party Scene & Bringing it to You!

Who knew that when Kevin Ramaley saw this beauty a couple years ago that it would be the LIFE LINE to Rockin’ Drive-By Celebrations!

In Episode 8 of the weekly Facebook LIVE broadcast of Rockin’ Together, Kevin gives us a hands on tour of what this awesome military truck is all about. Watch how BIG this truck actually is!

So here is the scoop: You have someone or an event that you need to celebrate, we bring the Rockin’ Military Truck to you! We can do a drive by, bring some music, and even supply a bubble BLAST for the fun of your friends and family.

Check out these amazing photos from events over the past couple of weeks. We can’t wait to bring the truck and party to you! 

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