St. Luke’s 110th Charity Ball on 5-3-2024!

St. Luke’s 110th annual charity ball was a splendid affair of elegance, music, and philanthropy! Held at the beautiful Saucon Valley Country Club, the theme of the evening was “Wish Upon a Star.”

All vendors involved took their interpretation of the theme to the next level with stunning decor! Guests were dazzled by an array of centerpieces, each crafted by talented local florists. From Star Wars Legos to rubber ducks, these florists went above and beyond, working their floral magic and adding to the ambiance of the ball! Check out their work below, and be sure to take a look at their websites: Phoebe Floral & Home Decor, Laura Clare Floral Design LLC, Allium Floral Design, Kempton Floral Designs, Indigo Blooms, Ornithea House of Flowers, Flower Essenece & Gift Shop, Feel Good Floral, Froggy’s Garden.

The night’s allure extended far beyond the floral arrangements. The air was alive with the infectious rhythms of the Lucky 7 Band, ensuring that the dance floor remained energetic and vibrant throughout the evening. With our Starlite Dance Floor lighting up the tent, guests danced the night away!

Amidst the celebration, the true essence of the evening shone through brightly: the spirit of giving back! All proceeds from the ball went directly to St. Luke’s Children Hospital.

Being part of such a meaningful event was an honor beyond measure. With hearts full of gratitude and purpose, we look back on this evening fondly, and look ahead to the future with hope and compassion.

Thank you to St. Luke’s for choosing us for your shimmering celebration!

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